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​Available Monday – Friday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Two items served with white rice 
(No substitutions please) 

Price As IsL Chicken, pork, tofu, vegetable, mock duck 

 Beef: $1.00    Shrimp: $3.00    Seafood $4.00  

Combo:  $2.50 (includes chicken, pork, beef and 2 Shrimps) 

C1.Sweet & Sour and Chow Mein 

C2.Orange Chicken and Chow Mein 

C3.Panang and Vegetable Delight 

C4.Red Curry and Vegetable Delight 

C5.Yellow Curry and Vegetable Delight 

C6.Green Curry and Vegetable Delight 

C7.Mongolian Beef and Vegetable Delight 

C8.Garlic Chicken and Vegetable Delight 

C9.Garlic Chicken and Egg Rolls (2) 

C10.Garlic Chicken and Pad Thai 


Available  Monday – Friday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Lunch special includes 1 Pork Eggroll

and 1 Cream Cheese Wonton

Price AS Is: Chicken, pork, tofu, vegetable, mock duck

Beef: $1.00     Shrimp: $3.00     Seafood $4.00

Combo: $2.50 (includes chicken, pork, beef and 2 Shrimps)

L1. Pad Thai

L2. Fried Rice

L3. Stir Fry Delight

L4. Ginger Delight

L5. Pad Kapao

L6. Cashew Chicken

L7. Garlic Chicken

L8. Sesame Chicken

L9. Sweet & Sour Chicken

L10. Orange Chicken

L11. Panang Curry

L12. Red Curry

L13. Yellow Curry

L14. Green Curry